Helpful Links

Below are a number of links that you may find useful in relation to the Waverley Heritage Museum

Association of Nova Scotia Museums (ANSM)

The Association of Nova Scotia Museums (ANSM) is a registered non-profit organization, originally established in 1976 as the Federation of Museums, Heritage and Historical Societies.

Nova Scotia Archives

The Nova Scotia Archives offers a variety of services for researchers as well as the general public. They are a valuable resource for anyone working on a genealogical project.

Museum of Industry

The museum of workers and how they worked. The Museum of Industry focuses on Nova Scotian labour and tells a unique story of the technological evolution of the province.

Fultz House

One of our sister museums, the Fultz House Museum is house inside the Bennett Daniel Fultz House in Lower Sackville. It boasts a collection of hundreds of artifacts, photographs, and a wealth of archival material.

Scott Manor House 

One of our sister museums, The Scott Manor House was the former residence of Joseph Scott. Built in 1749 along with Fort Sackville that once stood adjacent the museum offers over ten thousand historic photographs, archival newspapers, and much much more!

Nova Scotia Mining Museum 

If you think that Waverley gold mining is interesting you have got to visit the Nova Scotia Mining Museum in Cape Breton. This museum is dedicated to coal mining and the communities that were spawned from the mines.

Nova Scotia Prospectors Association

Professional and recreational prospectors find their home here. If you are interested in prospecting this is an excellent place to start.