About WHS

The Waverley Heritage Society was incorporated under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia in April 1979 under the name “Heritage Society of District 14″. The originating purpose for founding the society was the preservation of the historic Canadian National Railways Station in Windsor Junction. Despite many efforts by the society, the station was demolished in the summer of 1984. However, the Society still exists, under the name Waverley Heritage Society.

The Mission and Vision Statements of the Waverley Heritage Society are:


We tell stories of Waverley’s heritage and culture to expand and strengthen community connections and to pass what is valued on to future generations.


Our vision is that the Waverley Heritage Society makes history relevant today and celebrates the museum as a place where people explore and strengthen community identity and their place in it.

The Waverley Heritage Society maintains the Waverley Heritage Museum by holding fundraising events, such as the Annie Blois Smith Memorial Tea and the Annual Duck Dive during Gold Rush Days.

The collection is presented in a flowing narrative to paint the picture of the development of the community from the early 19th century through to present day.

The Waverley Heritage Museum is open during the summer months and during Waverley Gold Rush Days.  It may also be open by appointment in the winter time.